“As most of us know, the rapidly approaching holiday season brings us a great variety of Christmas music and an even greater variety of interpretations of these always wondrous classics.  Well, a very jazzy quartet of most talented and imaginative artists collectively known as Art Four Sale (how witty and apropos) has released a collection of holiday goodies guaranteed to capture your attention and toss you right into that feel-good state you always seek during this time of year. It’s called Four the Holidays.

The heavily guitar-based project is quite catchy. The band, by the way, consists of Paul Buono (guitars and vocals), Dougie Keebler (bass), Guy Lemon (keyboards, percussion, drums), and Ryan Pruitt (drums and percussion).

With creative approaches to such classics as “Feliz Navidad,” “Joy to the World,” an original arrangement by guitarist Buono called “Merry Merry Christmas” featuring the tender vocals of Pricilla Coffey, and a really cool, almost funky version of “O Little Town of Bethlehem” (very unusual approach, I must say), these guys bear a very nice gift for this festive season. Others tunes of note include an up-tempo, bopping version of “O Come All Ye faithful” and a much jazzed-up “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” Good, solid material here.

With so many versions of the classics available, most want to find the one that speaks their groove language the most. Four the Holidays could very well be one such recording. – Ronald Jackson”